Sunday, February 28, 2010

A few words about myself

My name is Tobias and I was born on 26 Oct 1989. I currently live in Dortmund and study physics, but my heart still is in Remscheid(Germany) where the discoverer of the X-rays, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, was born.
Physics is really fun to me, because all physicans are staying children and love to play(including me).
There's just another point to mention: I love programming, mainly Java and Visual
Most people think physics and informatics are unrelated to each other, but in my opinion that isn't really true. In both you have to solve problems in a strictly logical way. Because I code since I was in 2nd class of elementary school it really formed my way of thinking this way, to have a problem, split it into tiny pieces, reduce it to something simple and then just solve it. Same way as you do in physics, too.
The bad thing about physics is that in moste cases it is way to expensive as a hobby, but programming is not.
So I stick with programming. I currently work for a small, but really great software company called headissue which develops for a ticketing page for events in and around there using Java. The work there is very much fun to me, although the problems to solve sometimes could drive me nuts.

Privately my main interest is for and its API, so I'll post here about that from time to time, too. My main projects are, a .net library for the API and LastFVS.
LastFVS is something similiar to Google Moderator, but way better. It was annoying that there were feature requests in the web services forum but no overview and no vote counter was available. LastFVS perfectly fills that gap, offering a good voting functionality, login via account and a comment functionality which supports some BB-codes, too.

Hope you will visit my blog from time to time, I promise that I'll try hard to present you an interesting mix of (mainly technology, programming and related) topics :)
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