Saturday, March 19, 2011

burny|net - My own personal website

The last days I spent parts of the spare time I should have spent learning maths into creating a new personal homepage, including a German blog!
You can reach it at http//
Don't be afraid, I will continue blogging here, too. But my mother tongue just leaves me more freedom to express what I think. A blog is like a public diary, so in consequence it is mainly for my personal record - but too for entertaining you of course :)
burny|net is not German only. I created this page mainly for the purpose to have a central place which bundles all my projects and virtual identities into one website. Plus, as you aready might have seen, has its home there, too :)

I hope at least my dear german readers will visit my homepage from time to time - it is work in progress and an RSS feed will come, of course, but really worth visiting. Just check out my newest blog entry there, I guess you will have a lot to laugh (even those who use Google Translate ;) ).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 improves your listening experience on

Nearly a year ago I wrote about the radio query language and wrote a Java application called as a proof of concept.
Naturally, at least as far as I'm concerned, proof of concept projects are not maintained very well and buggy and the Java application was no exception. It just had some major backdraws regarding usablitly, portability and layout which made it a no-fun project.

So about two weeks ago I got the idea to re-write the whole thing from scratch using pure HTML, CSS 3, and JavasScript. I did some investigations and as I am a curious guy I tried some new stuff like jQuery, Felix Brun's Javascript API and the 960 grid system. They are both awesome in and of themselves, but in combination they can create a quite nice look and feel.
The result was overwhelming and the project drastically improved my Javascript and CSS knowledge. No wonder Google lets their employees spend 20% of their working time on own projects - at this point they are doing something right.

The new
Enough talking, just see yourself:

I added's new mix radio and also the friends radio. Using cutting edge HTML 5, should work with all major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozialla Firefox and reqkonq.
As I am a person with lots of ideas, the current version is, lets say: A tiny step for me, but a huge one for the community. And now replace "step" with "beer" ;)

Its current features include:

  • Listen to similar artists, tags, your library, mix radio, recommendations, neighbours and the friends radio
  • Combine stations as you like by connecting them with and, or and not
  • Mainstream-ness: Set how much mainstream your music should be
  • Set song repetition rate on a per-hour basis
  • Enable or disable discovery mode
- Sharing stations over social networks like Twitter and (maybe) Facebook
- Shout your station urls - directly from
- Far in the future: player on which displays station's name properly#

Notice: Combined radio stations are still in beta stage. There might be bugs and trouble and I personally ask not to abuse it. Thank you :)

This project needs your support!

Currently the problem is that especially the new is largely unknown. So:
Link it! Tweet it! Like it! Share it! Put in your forums signature! Join the project! 
Spread the word! 
The messias has arrived and it has great news to say: You can combine's radio stations, in any order and as many as you like!

Special Thanks
To the guys. You are doing good and reasonable work! Go on with that!
To all the moderators who tested and reported bugs.
Skiye for the discussions, chats and testing until the late morning.

Thank you
for using! It means very much to me :)

Tobias Brennecke
The creator of

P.S.: Can I have spam, bacon eggs and spam, but without the spam in it?

Friday, March 11, 2011

KDE: Creating a RocketDock style quick launch bar

Since a few days I've been looking for a KDE replacement of RocketDock, which is basically a quicklaunch bar at the top of the screen.
Today I came up with a nice solution, which isnt a perfect replacement, but enough for what I wanted:

Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Spammer who won a prize and two new CD's

As always, it's been a long time since my last post. I didn't pass the test in higher mathmatics, so I have to learn a lot, plus the usual stuff I have to do for working.
I promise to continue the Ireland series and also will report you the new and noteworthy things from the FOSDEM 2011 in Brussels, where I've been with Nik.

This morning I woke up. Pling! New mail on my cell phone. It was a PM notification mail from You might know I'm one of the moderators there. It was something like
Maybe this is your golden chance! Just one click to win a prize! Give it a try
- it is free but if you have some luck... :)
Dear Spammer!
Thanks for being so stupid, that really made my day :D I mean, which intelligent human being either codes a bot who sends spam to mods or, if sending the message manually, checks that I'm not a bot.
Please, next time use a big red "PLEASE BAN ME" sign as avatar and the same text as profile name.
Thanks :D

Other news....I bought two new CD's, namely

I really love them both although one Euro per track is really an exception I made, because I love "Riders On The Storm" :)
And yes, I still buy CDs! I love it to put them into my CD player and read the inlet while the music is playing and most times the inlet contains lyrics, too, so you can sing the track which is playing currently. Plus you never can get a better audio quality than from CD.