Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Spammer who won a prize and two new CD's

As always, it's been a long time since my last post. I didn't pass the test in higher mathmatics, so I have to learn a lot, plus the usual stuff I have to do for working.
I promise to continue the Ireland series and also will report you the new and noteworthy things from the FOSDEM 2011 in Brussels, where I've been with Nik.

This morning I woke up. Pling! New mail on my cell phone. It was a PM notification mail from You might know I'm one of the moderators there. It was something like
Maybe this is your golden chance! Just one click to win a prize! Give it a try
- it is free but if you have some luck... :)
Dear Spammer!
Thanks for being so stupid, that really made my day :D I mean, which intelligent human being either codes a bot who sends spam to mods or, if sending the message manually, checks that I'm not a bot.
Please, next time use a big red "PLEASE BAN ME" sign as avatar and the same text as profile name.
Thanks :D

Other news....I bought two new CD's, namely

I really love them both although one Euro per track is really an exception I made, because I love "Riders On The Storm" :)
And yes, I still buy CDs! I love it to put them into my CD player and read the inlet while the music is playing and most times the inlet contains lyrics, too, so you can sing the track which is playing currently. Plus you never can get a better audio quality than from CD.

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