Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ireland day 3: The wonderful barn

The third day I didn't do anything special, I was just soo happy to see Isy again <3
Yesterday's bus trip to Leixlip was nearly painless except the bus had to wait for a traffic accident to be cleaned up. Isy and me had a lot of things to talk about and time passed by too fast! Nina, Zoe and the rest of the family were so friendly and lovely as all the other poeple in Ireland, which is maybe a bit unusal for german poeple, but I was happy :D

When she sent me her letter weeks before, I googled her address and saw a strange building called "The Wonderful Barn" just a footstep away.
So now I liked to see it and went there with her and little Tadgh. He looked really sweet in his buggy and was very happy about the walk for fresh air and a shiny blue sky.
So here it is, the Wonderful Barn:

Sadly it was under renovation when I went there but the photo is nevertheless beautiful :)
The Wonderful Barn (from Wikipedia)
Here you've got another (CC-by-sa 2.0) picture from Wikipedia:
The Wonderful Barn was built in 1743on the Leixlip side of the Castletown Estate.
As you can see there are corkscrew-like stairs winding up the tower. It has a hole inside and the generally accepted theory is that it once has been a corn storage, as there is a hole in its center where the corn could fall through.
Another theory is that it has been, like the two towers flanking it, used as a dovecote or that is is a folly. As in the posts before, I'd like to let the pictures talk :)
Dovecote tower covered in green

Look insite the dovecote tower

Dovecote tower number 2
Of course I made some other photos, too which I don't want to hide from your eyes:
Lovely, isn't it?

Made me homesick, I missed my dog!

After that "power walk" we were so exhausted that Isy and me went to the local coffee company and drank a tasty Latte Macchiato :-9

All pictures - except one from wikipedia - were taken by myself and are licensed under a Creative Commony Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

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Anonymous said...

I'd loved to go there, looks pretty eye-catching to an urbex mind ;).

Why not publish your photos under a free license instead ;)?