Tuesday, February 01, 2011

KDE 4.6 is out and I love it!

Today I discovered KDE has released version 4.6 of their desktop Suite.
It is really awesome and much faster, although I still have to explore the details a bit further (never used e.g. "Activities"). I was surprised by the really cool login screen, then by the faceted search feature of dolphin, etc....
Desktop and Dolphin

I came to that point when I booted kubuntu on my desktop pc to upgrade it to Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick. When I clicked on the wifi icon, something totally different than on my laptop showed up. Have to admit I have been using Windows 7 on it for a while, but I was astonished how fast Kubuntu (still with old KDE) was. I thought that I might have missed something during the various dist-upgrades on my laptop and stumbled upon the great news. I first updated on my laptop(just add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports to your software sources via KPackageKit), which didn't make any effect on that network-manager tray icon, the old one was still there.

After some playing here and there I found out that knetworkmanager has been replaced by a package called plasma-widget-networkmanagement.
So I typed
sudo aptitude install plasma-widget-networkmanagement
I was asked to remove knetworkmanager and was a bit scared(no GUI for WiFi connections is not very nice) but I said "yes", installed and rebooted (of course plasma crashed :P).
network management plasma widget
Plasma crashed again when I tried to place the widget in the taskbar and I had to remove the whole system tray notification area and then had to put it there again (interrupted by 2 plasma crashes). After that it showed of together with the rest of the tray icons as it should and the world is fine again :)

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