Thursday, January 20, 2011

T42p: Making AccessIbm Button launch an application

Under Kubuntu, the "Access IBM" button has no function. I just decided to change that, luckily it's like a key on the normal keyboard so we can assign an action to it.
In my example this will be konsole, the KDE terminal. You can't ever get enough of them ^^
Follow these simple steps:

  • Open KDE system settings dialog
  • Click 'keyboard shortcuts and gesture control'
  • Now "My Shortcuts" on the left should be highlighted. At the bottom center of the dialog, click "Edit", then "New->Global Shortcut->Command/Address"
  • Give the Action a name, e.g. "AccessIbm Button"
  • Go to the "trigger" tab, click on the button and press the "Access IBM" key. If the caption changed, you can succeed, else retry
  • Go to the action tab and type /usr/bin/konsole into the text field
  • Click "Apply"
Now you're done! Press the "Access IBM" key to test it and have fun ;)
From what I've seen you also can assign dbus signals, keystrokes(keyboard macro functions!) , etc. just play around with it a bit.

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Manuel Buccarello said...

Very interesting, thank you for that post! Well you're right, there are never enough terminals ^^