Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ireland day 1: Dublin (part 3) - Dublin at Night

In this post, I will mostly let pictures talk and maybe say only a few words on single ones. Most of them are bridges, which are illuminated by green light from below.Looks really beautiful, doesn't it?

Custom House at Night

Millenium Bridge

Temple Bar

Millenium Bridge and Capel St Bridge

Half Penny Bridge
Before the Ha'penny Bridge was built there were seven ferries, operated by a William Walsh, across the Liffey. The ferries were in a bad condition and Walsh was informed that he had to either fix them or build a bridge. Walsh chose the latter option and was granted the right to extract a ha'penny toll from anyone crossing it for 100 years. Initially the toll charge was based, not on the cost of construction, but to match the charges levied by the ferries it replaced. A further condition of construction was that, if the citizens of Dublin found the bridge and toll to be "objectionable" within its first year of operation, it was to be removed at no cost to the city.
The toll was increased for a time to a Penny Ha'penny (one and a half pence), but was eventually dropped in 1919. While the toll was in operation, there were turnstiles at either end the bridge. (Quote from Wikipedia, thx!)

The Spire at night

Samuel Beckett Bridge

Last but not least I found this one:
To me it is - of course - a geek joke. The famous Apache web server once was called Leviathan. Leaviathan was a really buggy piece of software which required patching the code a lot. So finally it is said they called it "A patchy web server", from which the Apache emerged. If that is the true story is the other side of the coin...
I just wondered what Apache Pizza might sell? Pieces of pizza patched together? Maybe they sew them :P

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