Thursday, January 20, 2011

T42p: Making AccessIbm Button launch an application

Under Kubuntu, the "Access IBM" button has no function. I just decided to change that, luckily it's like a key on the normal keyboard so we can assign an action to it.
In my example this will be konsole, the KDE terminal. You can't ever get enough of them ^^
Follow these simple steps:

  • Open KDE system settings dialog
  • Click 'keyboard shortcuts and gesture control'
  • Now "My Shortcuts" on the left should be highlighted. At the bottom center of the dialog, click "Edit", then "New->Global Shortcut->Command/Address"
  • Give the Action a name, e.g. "AccessIbm Button"
  • Go to the "trigger" tab, click on the button and press the "Access IBM" key. If the caption changed, you can succeed, else retry
  • Go to the action tab and type /usr/bin/konsole into the text field
  • Click "Apply"
Now you're done! Press the "Access IBM" key to test it and have fun ;)
From what I've seen you also can assign dbus signals, keystrokes(keyboard macro functions!) , etc. just play around with it a bit.

Ireland day 1: Dublin (part 3) - Dublin at Night

In this post, I will mostly let pictures talk and maybe say only a few words on single ones. Most of them are bridges, which are illuminated by green light from below.Looks really beautiful, doesn't it?

Custom House at Night

Millenium Bridge

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ireland day 1: Dublin (part 2)

So, finally I got some spare time to write the rest of the Ireland series and the photos are all uploaded now, too.
The Historical Walking Tour started at the front of Trinity College. After walking through the front gates we had a look at the wonderful courtyard and the

A part of the Trinity College courtyard*

He told us some interesting stuff about the college's history, but I can't remember anymore, too bad!
Here is some nice photo of the Library Square:

Libary Square*

Trinity College had a lot of famous students, like Oscar Wilde, and also is - from what I understood - much involved in the Irish history and the history of dublin. For more details, have a look at Wikipedia.
Walking back to the front gate, you can find the Irish Houses of Parliament, which now inherits the Bank of Ireland.