Saturday, March 19, 2011

burny|net - My own personal website

The last days I spent parts of the spare time I should have spent learning maths into creating a new personal homepage, including a German blog!
You can reach it at http//
Don't be afraid, I will continue blogging here, too. But my mother tongue just leaves me more freedom to express what I think. A blog is like a public diary, so in consequence it is mainly for my personal record - but too for entertaining you of course :)
burny|net is not German only. I created this page mainly for the purpose to have a central place which bundles all my projects and virtual identities into one website. Plus, as you aready might have seen, has its home there, too :)

I hope at least my dear german readers will visit my homepage from time to time - it is work in progress and an RSS feed will come, of course, but really worth visiting. Just check out my newest blog entry there, I guess you will have a lot to laugh (even those who use Google Translate ;) ).

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