Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lifting to a new level with Scala

It's project week at my company! So every employee can spend one week on whatever he likes to, as long as it has benefits for the company.

I will spend this week trying to learn ScaLa. This would of course be really boring if I wouln't have a project at my hands that will be the result of this.
So I came up with It is currently written in PHP, Smarty, some MySQLi and JavaScript. Especially PHP and partly Smarty can be a bit painful and aren't really contributing to the fun I normally have while programming.

The goal of the project is to evaluate IDE/Tomcat integration with Scala, getting to know the language and to try the LIFT-Framework. I am looking forward to a great programming experience and a lot of fun, fun and again - fun. will be rewritten from scratch using the existing HTML and JavaScript code and hopefully extended by some features I wanted to have long ago, like authentication and a lot of other awesomeness.
Of course, the results will be published as open source code on a newly created git repository.

I will report about the next steps soon!

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Nik said...

"from scratch using the existing code"

Umm, surre, why not??